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Winter 2023 Litter

We are over the moon excited to announce that Aster is expecting a litter of international significance!  Sired by Rahkantra Silver Fox with Vanaheim from New Zealand.  This will not only be a genetically diverse litter (as tested by UC Davis' Better Bred program), but also a diverse litter by pedigree.  

This litter goes back to a rare male line in the breed.  We are honored beyond measure to be the only folks with this particular line in the USA.  We are excited to see what these two produce!  Litter is due November 23rd, 2023.

Sire: Rahkantra Silver Fox with Vanaheim


This lovely boy is sweet and bold.  Works cattle and the show ring with equal ease.  He is moderate in type and maintains the temperament and intelligence to participate in multiple activities and be a fine companion.  We are truly honored that we were able to collaborate with Marco's owners to import semen from New Zealand to make this breeding a reality. 

Watch this space for more updates on the litter. 


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