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10 Reasons A Vallhund might be right for you:

1) Their distinctive look will have you making new friends wherever you go!  You will explain the breed anytime you go out!

2) They are biddable (trainable) and generally easily motivated.

3) They are a great watchdog in a smaller package.  They will let you know if something in your home, yard, neighborhood has changed!

4) They are great communicators and have a variety of noises to let you know their opinions. 

5) They are a wonderful dog to dabble (or more) in dog sports.  Swedish Vallhunds participate in Scent Work, Agility, Barn Hunt, Drafting, Dock Diving, Rally, Obedience, and more.  There are even folks doing the first level of IGP/IPO with their SV!

6) They love to work with you and form strong partnerships with their people. 

7) They inspire smiles wherever they go!

8) They are generally healthy dogs.  Often living into their mid and late teens with a good Health span during that time.  It is important to work with breeders who perform full health testing and are monitoring pedigrees for changes in health. 

9) They are versatile - from dog sports to farm work to family companion.  These dogs should be able to do it all. 

10) They are highly intelligent. 

10 Reasons NOT to get a Vallhund:


1) The shedding.  While variable from dog to dog, they can shed...A LOT. All year round. 

2) They lick - everything.  Many in the breed lick feet, hands, faces, arms, basically whatever they can reach.  This can be trained, but is part of their personality. 

3) The desire to work - don't let the small package fool you.  These dogs need daily (if not more) mental and physical stimulation to be happy and healthy.  These are typically not good couch potato dogs. 

4) Remember the watch dog and communication - being a smaller herding dog, they use their voices to accomplish their needs.  They can bark - a lot.  While we believe this is trainable and modifiable, they will almost always bark when working (sports/herding) and often when excited.

5) The constant explaining that they really are a breed!  

6) Did you say 'no'?  Generally too smart to engage in out and out dominance battles. If you do not set boundaries in your household, and enforce them consistently, you will find that the ruler of your house has four legs. 

7) They are not typically 'dog park' dogs.  They prefer interaction with dogs that play in similar ways to them.  BUT get a couple Vallhunds together and their play will sound like the sound track of Jurassic Park. 

8) They are herding dogs and will use their nose and mouth to 'boop' to get the uninitiated to do things.  They can be pushy and demanding. 

9) They are very smart. This is a dog with brains to spare. They need to be challenged and engaged by their work, or they get bored and stop paying attention (and cause trouble). Keeping all that intelligence focused and busy is a big challenge. 

10) They are high maintenance.  Between all the questions, the brushing, the training, etc.  Vallhunds are more often a lifestyle!


If you are interested in future litters, please reach out via email. 

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