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My current Dogs

Agilqwest AZ-MT Sol Starfish and Coffee - Aster

I brought Aster home on the 4th of July in 2020.  So much of the world was in flux and this little girl changed my flux from the moment I saw her.  


Her Breeder, Sonja Schroeder, picked her for me and we've never looked back.  Aster has been the canine partner I have been looking for all my life.  


In 2023 we achieved her AKC conformation championship, and together we've put several performance titles after her name - Trick Dog Advanced, Farm Dog Certified, DCAT, Scent Work Novice, Scent Container Advanced,  PT (Herding title), and Canine Good Citizen.  We've also complete our Nose Work 1 (NW1) and ESE1 through NACSW - had two close attempts at NW2; have 2 legs of a Rally Novice (RN) title in AKC, and before life got too crazy we were active on a Search and Rescue team for HRD.  She really is a versatile little dog. And in fact she has earned her VSA - Swedish Vallhund Versatility Advanced Title!


For 2024 - Aster has finished her Scent Containers Excellent Title. She also earned her Register of Merit Excellent (ROMx) due to her offspring's amazing performance in the show ring, herding, and scent work! We continue to pursue fun on the farm and in the performance rings. 

Reserve WD _edited.jpg
Reserve WD _edited.jpg

Asterias' Aoraki Qwest - whittaker

Whittaker is Aster's singleton puppy born 11/23/23.  His Sire is a lovely New Zealand dog: Rahkantra Silver Fox with Vanaheim - Marco.  Between Aster and Marco, this pup as a lot of get up and go!  And he's going to give us a run for it for sure!  

So far he's outgoing and bold.  Sweet and smart.  He's got a lot of sass and is very cute and he knows it!  At 6 months of age he has earned his Trick Dog Novice and Trick Dog Intermediate titles.  And at our National Specialty he was Reserve Winners dog 4 out of 5 shows and was awarded best puppy in the Specialty Show. 

We can't wait to see where he goes and I am excited to be on the end of his leash.  A huge thank you to Candyce Orchard and Natalie Morgan for allowing the use of Marco and being amazing mentors across the globe.  

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