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My current Dogs

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Aster is the only Vallhund currently in my home. I work with guardian homes to help keep future breeding prospects available.  This also allow the puppies to shine and be part of a family!   

Agilqwest AZ-MT Sol Starfish and Coffee - Aster

I brought Aster home on the 4th of July in 2020.  So much of the world was in flux and this little girl changed my flux from the moment I saw her.  Her Breeder, Sonja Schroeder, picked her for me and we've never looked back.  Aster has been the canine partner I have been looking for all my life.  In 2023 we achieved her AKC conformation championship, and together we've put several performance titles after her name - Trick Dog Advanced, Farm Dog Certified, DCAT, Scent Work Container Advanced, Scent work Buried Novice, PT (Herding title), and Canine Good Citizen.  We've also complete our Nose Work 1 (NW1) and ESE1 through NACSW - had two close attempts at NW2; have 2 legs of a Rally Novice (RN) title in AKC, and before life got too crazy we were active on a Search and Rescue team for HRD.  She really is a versatile little dog.  

For 2024 - we are hoping to finish our RN title, our NW2 title, some more AKC scent work and with a little extra work her next herding title!

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