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Katahdin Sheep

Katahdins are hardy, adaptable, low maintenance sheep that produce superior lamb crops and lean, meaty carcasses. They do not produce a fleece and therefore do not require shearing. They are medium sized and efficient, bred for utility and for production in a variety of management systems. Ewes have exceptional mothering ability and lamb easily; lambs are born vigorous and alert. The breed is ideal for pasture lambing and grass/forage-based management systems.

We brought Katahdin's onto the property in 2021.  We've enjoyed these sheep immensely and they will also help train our herding dogs!  

We've also had Soay, Babydoll Southdown, and Black Welsh Mountain sheep on the property.  They all have their strong qualities.  


We often have animals or meat for sale please reach out if you have questions!  

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