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Asterias Swedish Vallhunds

We are small preservation breeders located in north central Oregon.  We strive to breed for sound working dogs that are stable enough to live in our world, participate in family life, and do 'all the things'.  We work to breed and raise versatile dogs who enjoy participating in a range of activities with their human partners. 

Our puppies are raised with puppy culture on our farm. They are exposed to livestock, puppy safe adult dogs, people, surfaces, sounds, and experiences.  

We actively work to preserve genetic diversity through diversity testing, pedigree analysis, and consultation with a consortium of breeders.  Our dogs are tested via UC Davis for genetic diversity, genetic testing for PRA, Embark panel testing, physical eye exam by a veterinary ophthalmologist, OFA and/or Penn hip evaluation, OFA elbow, and patella certification. We look forward to starting a conversation with you about the breed.   


Aster - the dog that started it all.


Litters Raised with Puppy Culture. 


Versatile Dogs 

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