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Farm Pets

We currently have three dogs on the farm:

Pharaah - Australian Kelpie - Came to us in 2014 as a pup.  She was full spunk and opinions from day 1.  She loves to help herd the cattle and sheep.  She's an amazing running partner and she's smart as a whip.  If you aren't prepared to buy sheep for your dog - don't get a Kelpie! 

Poco - Farm Mutt - Joining our pack in 2016, Poco was the Yang to Pharaah's Yin!  We were expecting a high energy Jack Russel mix and ended up with a great all around farm dog in a package that loves to cuddle.  We've not done a DNA test on him, but we suspect some sort of small hound (like beagle) and terrier.  The closest breed to what he seems is the Danish Swedish Farm Dog. 

Aster - Swedish Vallhund - Joined us from a wonderful breeder in Montana in 2020.  A true pandemic puppy - she has proven to be an asset to our lives and farm!  This little girl lives up to her Viking ansestry and does it all from Herding, to ratting, to dog sports!  She's a true Jill of All Trades!

If you are interested in our Swedish Vallhund preservation breeding program please see the more in-depth Swedish Vallhund section - Asterias Swedish Vallhunds is our kennel name. 

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